Nicole Polletta Portrait

Nicole Polletta was born into a family of artists in Waterbury, Connecticut in the late 1970s and started creating from an early age. For more than twenty years, Nicole has worked across a variety of medium, from collage and drawing to photography and works on fabric.

Architecture and all of its many fantastical forms have always been a source of inspiration for Nicole and she has been creating a new body of collage-based work with these structures and shapes as the focus. Blending minimalism with surrealism, she seeks to create a thought- provoking new world for the viewer to enter and experience.

Nicole has had a long-standing interest in the psychic and physical spaces that we inhabit and that she explores in her most recent work on fabric series, nowhere. She first delved into this theme in her street art inspired mixed media pieces. In her ongoing digital photography series, Nicole works to define moments of solitude within the chaos of modern life that she encounters through her frequent travels around the world.

In tandem with her artistic practice, and for more than fifteen years Nicole has specialized in audience development for the contemporary visual arts. She’s the Co-Founder of The Art of Change.

Nicole graduated from Fordham University in New York City with a degree in Art History and Studio Arts.